The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

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The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

Post by Geoff » Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:27 am

As many people will know this is my favourite genre. Sadly however this book is so enigmatic, and so totally weird, that I am left in serious doubt as to whether it is genuine. I do not levy a charge of this nature lightly, but the only book that is remotely similar would be Letters from the Light. So why do I think this book is fraudulent?

Firstly Billy would have us believe that he had absolutely zero compensation for a life as a drug dealer and drug addict.

Secondly, he does not engage in any service activity whatsoever. Yet we know from dozens upon dozens of such books that while it's possible to be solitary, spiritual advancement is gained by service activities. It is precisely in such service that we learn to be loving. Billy's life was no example of a life full of loving behaviour yet he suggests he is a totally changed person after death, literally days or months later. We know that does not happen, people are unchanged by the death process.

Thirdly he seems to meet almost no one. And of one encounter he would have us believe the other party is made up of stars and planets.

Fourthly he claims to be able to exit and renter his body at will. Now we do know that the spiritual body which befits one for the seven spirit spheres cannot be thrown off. The astral body worn by earth bound spirits can, and is eventually discarded. It is true that compensation does not seem to occur in the astral plane, so does that make Billy an earth-bound spirit? While I considered this a possibility, Billy was 62 at the time of his death, and by his own admission, and indeed what I would expect from a life on drugs, his body was worn out. That means the astral body would also have been worn out.

Billy also claims reincarnation can occur. I don't see that as such a major criticism, simply because a very large number of both spirits and their teachers hang onto this illusion sometimes for thousands of years.

However I fail to see what real value anyone can get from this book. So, whether it is a fraud or not, my advice is to not buy it. But as it is a best seller, its seems a lot of people like it. I do concede it is well written, and is being heavily promoted, especially on face book.

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