'Life, Light, Love'. by Vivian Rider

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'Life, Light, Love'. by Vivian Rider

Post by Sandy » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:30 am

One of our Progress Group board members, vivrider, or as she is lovingly known, Doctor Viv, just published a beautiful book geared for young children to help them feel wonderful about Life and its meaning. It is entitled: 'Life, Light, Love'.

Here is an excerpt:
“People wonder about the meaning of life.
The meaning of life is Love.
Life on Earth is the beginning.”

I received my copy of 'Light, Life, Love' on December 24th, a beautiful and timely gift, and I must say that when I flipped through this lovely book, the words and illustrations touched my heart causing tears to form. And as I thought about the simple and most important truth found in the book, "The meaning of Life is Love." I was elated! It is so simple but so comprehensive, including everything and everyone in " Love's bright Light."
So I thank you Vivian, for stepping out when you were called, for believing in yourself and making this world a brighter place for all of us... but especially I thank you on behalf of the children who will be encouraged and comforted by your efforts.

God bless you always! :cheers:
With Love,

Vivian started a blog a few months ago about the book explaining why she wrote it. She also has the book cover illustration there if anybody would like to see an example of these gorgeous full colour paintings found throughout the book's pages. http://lifelightlove1111.blogspot.com.a ... truth.html

The book can be bought here. http://www.earthpeoplebooks.com/ The cost is $15, plus shipping costs.

This is Viv's new blog. http://www.mamaearthhealing.com/ Check out that Eggplant Scallopini recipe! Yum!
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