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Develop Your Psychic Skills

Post by Helen W » Mon Oct 11, 2004 7:43 pm

Develop Your Psychic Skills
Enid Hoffman
Whitford Press

Fantastic books on psy ability I've ever come across (picked it up for 50p at a car boot sale not so long back).

Doesnt go into a large amount of theory, though does give some personal examples, this is a workbook for people wishing to start flexing their psy muscles.

Starting from the precept that we all have an amount of psy ability, this book takes you through from basics of protection (one day a book like this will include grounding!!), through divination, aura reading, trance, healing, remote viewing into meditation, meeting your guides and even telekinesis.

There's loads of exercises to practice, both for individuals and group or partnered work.

Having learnt through a development circle for the last 2 years, this stuff is completely in line with how psychic skills are taught by experienced mediums, as Enid is herself. I've given this to a friend who is leaving our group, so she has ideas to keep herself learning. Before I did so, I've exchanged some of the ideas with our circle teacher so that we can use some too.

It great, practical, down to earth, and helps get across that everyone can do this stuff, if they just suspend disbelief for a while, and are prepared to put in some practice time.

It doesnt attempt to place a religious context around the information either, which is rare, and welcome....and its certainly compatible with working with the AC.

there is also enough in here for it to be useful as an 'ideas' book for the more experienced energy worker as well as for complete beginners.

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