Multidimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe

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Multidimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe

Post by atsguy » Sat Sep 07, 2019 2:21 am ... 1409224252
This intelligent account takes out-of-body experiences and lucid dreaming to another level while remaining divorced from dogma and the confines of belief systems. This graphic and in-depth record of the afterlife explored through astral travel and lucid dreams invites you to investigate new realms of experience beyond the physical. With each carefully documented journey out of the body, the reader is increasingly assured that death is a journey towards expanded consciousness. Documented in personal journals, this informative first-person account fills gaps in our understanding of ultimate reality and the higher dimensions and serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement. For a book that explores the realms of life after death, Multidimensional Man is a very down-to-earth exploration that will inspire anyone from atheists and skeptics to those with an interest in psychology, metaphysics and the sublime to explore the realms accessible through altered states of awareness.
This book as a absolutely increadible marvel. Jurgen insights after 40 years of our or body experiences are truly insightful. Him being an artist, and working on rendering some of the higher dimensional/morantial worlds that he saw are breathtaking.

He has a great youtube, where some of his videos are posted. Especially some artistic ones of what he saw in his journeys.

One of the coolest things he talks about seeing, is the festivals he witnesses in the let’s just call them astral worlds. And how on some of the lower astral people still use drugs to achieve higher states of consciousness. The details show just how infinite the greater reality is:
”Most of all, because we have seen and lived so much of what was wrong, we know so much better what is right.”


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Re: Multidimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe

Post by happyrain » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:00 am

Thank you atsguy, this feels important to me.

Kind regards

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Re: Multidimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe

Post by Sandy » Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:56 am

Thank you for posting this Atsguy. I noticed too that there is a part 1 on Youtube as well. I look forward to relaxing and tuning in to his knowledge and experiences in this fascinating subject.
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