Troublemaker by Leah Remini

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Troublemaker by Leah Remini

Post by Geoff » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:12 pm

Right up front this is not really a "spiritual" book but I read it to see what I could learn about scientology without getting my hands dirty as it were. They are a very secretive organisation, and it seems, fairly evil at the core. Certainly Leah never talks of God, so I would say God appears to have no place in Scientology, certainly by her telling. But she certainly spills the beans as both she and her mother reached OT 7. And being a celebrity she also was in Tom Cruise's circles.

I was very surprised to learn right at the end, as also via Google, that "thetan" - a significant word in their vocabulary - is the closest thing to soul (or the discarnate material mind maybe). They talk about OT (Operating Thetan) levels, and everyone pays vast amounts of money to get to the top of these levels. It's obvious to me that L Ron Hubbard was aware of the amazing abilities of some rare people, those who can materialise, dematerialise, biolocate and of course those who can heal. So he sought to build an organisation, like a religion, to deliver these gifts to his congregation, but to make them work incredibly hard and pay a heck of a lot of money to get to those levels. And when they get there? Sigh, they cant do this stuff. I guess that's why the need to be so secretive because if the run of the mill guys knew no body has those promised gifts, then they would abandon ship.

But what I have learned of recent years, is that if you do manage to "awaken" your SOUL (not your mind) there are a heap of mind blowing gifts waiting for you. And its love that does this. Now there is NO evidence of love being any part of the Scientology practice. Sure they sell you on them saving the world, and doing good. But they don't treat their own people with love. So LRH had a great idea, but had no idea how these gifts are gained. Sure there are some gifts that are a product of mind and not of the soul, but Jesus (Michael) was a fully awakened souk, and all his powers came from his soul. For example he caused Moses and Elias to become physical in the transfiguration. That is a soul gift. He of course used a similar power to materialise himself post death.

Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.
~ said Jesus through Glenda Green in "Love without End" ~

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Re: Troublemaker by Leah Remini

Post by happyrain » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:21 am

Thank you for the humbling insights. :sunflower:

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Re: Troublemaker by Leah Remini

Post by atsguy » Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:36 pm

I have been in contact with a student that had been a part of Carlos castanedas workshops in Los Angeles around the 1970s. And although the terminology is different CARLOS Castaneda did access the same levels of consciousness as most meditators and even students here who go into the acashic construct.

The methods and skills vary and the names are different but the result seems to be the same. I have often wondered if the allies that Carlos Castaneda referee to are in fact midwayers.

Anyway the student had this to say about a lecture Carlos gave one day.
Carlos was a superstar. It’s not obvious to new readers this day, but Carlos lent credibility to the Hippie Culture’s tendency to party too much. Along with Timothy Leary and Owsley Stanley, they provided the rationale and means for psychedelic trips into what at that time and in that culture, were unexplored territories. Carlos also converted mycologists overnight, from frumpy nerd to most popular man in the sciences department.
As a result, Carlos constantly came into contact with famous individuals. Oliver Stone named his production company, “Ixtlan Productions”. Bruce Wagner was a member of his group, and produced a mini-series somewhat themed around Carlos’s view of reality. I’m sure there’re many more, but Carlos was a storyteller. It’s very difficult to remember specific cases on demand. Just like we all can’t remember specific places in his books where people searched for colors in the darkness.
He told a fairly credible story of making a home movie with Bruce Lee. He had entry to “great spiritual leaders”, and told the story of how he met a famous Guru, who came down a majestic staircase to greet him, slipped and fell, and died on the spot.
He told the story of being at a party with L Ron Hubbard, who confided in him that one of the most profitable things you could do, is to start your own religion. Carlos smiled a bit when he told that story, clearly aware of the irony in telling us that.
But I rememeber being In California on vacation once. And going into a Scientology bookstore, and I was surprised how legit and amazing they made everything seem. If I wasn’t so broke maybe they would have allowed me to visit the compounds 😂
”Most of all, because we have seen and lived so much of what was wrong, we know so much better what is right.”

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