All Problems Are My Problems

This is a forum for those who want to share the Akashic Construct, and their experiences of it. The AC is a structured meditation designed specifically to enable contact with celestials, and also humans for the purposes of teaching or healing.
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All Problems Are My Problems

Post by Seeker13 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:49 pm

October 5, 2018 “All problems are my problems,”

Felt midwayer presence very quickly as I settled into meditation. Monjoronson came in, with little preamble, we whisked away straight upward. I'm always trying to guess where I might be taken in meditation as it's unfolding. I thought, “Oh we're going to one of the platforms. Wonder if it's one we've been too before?” Images raced by us like snapshots of many places and people in my life. When I finally stopped trying to figure it out we settled on a platform that was dotted with individuals. I could not make out who they might be because we were all standing alone and everything was blanketed in gray. Although it was all the same color I could make out a raised texture running along the ground. Looked like a continuous spiderweb of maybe a strand or two running from one person to another standing on the platform.

Monjoronson hardly said a word, but images kept coming to me, like this wasn't a lesson to be taught by the teacher, more of, this is a lesson I need to come to conclusions myself by sifting through all that I saw and felt. I scanned the area about me looking at others and all the gray. Then there was a very long loud toning in my ear. Realization hit only as my words were spoken, “All problems are my problems.”

Monjoronson nodded. Grasping the meaning, hearing his voice in my head. “Since we are all connected as you surmised, each person's problems sends out ripples of thought and feeling, causing layers and layers of gray covering each person.” I saw as those layers continued to accumulate, the figures then appeared to be shouldering a bag of heavy rocks, weighing them down more and more. “And when you all deal with your individual problems,” I saw random figures, maybe one in twenty, the bags of rocks dropping, gray melting away becoming white. “That's when the tide will turn.” I watched as more and more figures became white. As one became white, white light traveled along the strands of spiderwebs, lighting those next to them.

I asked, “So, if problems, fears, are gray...”

Monjoronson smiled finishing my sentence, “Love is white.”

I repeated, “All problems are my problems.”

At that moment my phone alerted a text was received from my sister. It read, “Hey... take a look at this sunrise pic I took this Friday morning.” It was glorious!" She continued, “It took my breath away..”

I didn't reply right away, although the timing and content struck me as 'connected' and coincidental. I hurried to my laptop to record the meditation. While trying to remember every detail, my daughter knocked on the door. She said, “See if you recognize this?” and proceeded to hum a beautiful melody I couldn't remember hearing before. She was so excited telling me about the lucid dream she'd just woken from. In it she was writing a song and singing lyrics, deciding as she was singing whether they conveyed what she thought the song was about. One line was “The walls of liberty were tumbling down.” I asked did she think the walls were falling on her, or were they just setting Liberty free. She said, “ Definitely Liberty has been trampled on and the blocks were falling on me, but it was like liberty was in a box.”

I said, “So, we have to endure the process, but in the end liberty will be freed.” We didn't really have time to discuss the meaning further as she had to rush off to work.
And Spirit whispered, "There are no limits."

We are akin to the aspen forests, seemingly separated but in actuality, one organism.

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Re: All Problems Are My Problems

Post by Sandy » Mon Oct 08, 2018 12:39 pm

Hi Kim,

All Problems are my problems!
Wow! :shock: :sunflower:
I've never thought about it..well, not in a way that bowled me over as that realisation and the way you described it has. You've really got me thinking which is always a good thing. (For me anyway) Thank you! I am very encouraged by Aleah's dream too.... Things are looking up. :sunflower:

Love to you and thank you for sharing this... :kiss:
Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

~ Chief Seattle ~

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