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August 7, 2018 We are enough

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 10:42 pm
by Seeker13
After reading todays celestial message about having the faith of a child, I decided to post my meditation of a few days ago.

Meditation August 7, 2018- I am enough

Impromptu meditation in the middle of the day. Decided to put everything else aside. Sit on the couch with my eyes closed, petting our dog. Images of the strife and clutter in the lives of so many I love filled my head. Those ideas ended suddenly leaving me with the singular realization, “I have enough...… I have enough.” After internalizing this for a minute I asked for this thought to be spread over all those suffering. For everyone to receive all that they needed, to feel as I did in this moment. It was so peaceful, I so content. The song All's Quiet by Elton John played in my head. Went through the steps of going into alpha. Ever since Sunday's meditation, the song You Raise Me Up has played over and over in my mind and continued throughout this meditation.

Feeling light of spirit and... blissful! I appeared in my meditation as a small girl, running around in a long flowing regal cloak. I thought, “......Ah, I've grown old enough, that I am young again.” (In reality I am 58, not ancient and decrepit, but at the point in my life of experiencing what it means to be of the maturing generation) It was very comforting feeling this amount of enthusiasm for EVERYTHING life has to offer, free of the constraints and limitations of adulthood. I (literally)ran through the steps of preparing to go into my Library. Met Monjoronson before entering, overjoyed and grateful to be able to feel this way! Hugged him wholeheartedly and raced forward. In the shower, darkness and sadness washed away from me and everyone I brought to my thoughts. Traveled to Urantia to hold hands with everyone on the planet to send healing love to our fatigued overburdened world.

Returning to my library, I hugged with great zeal and gusto, the celestials who help me there. Upstairs in a room of my library reside the embodiment of my older self and younger self. I brought them there years ago to heal the pain and hurt they had lived through. Hugging them affectionately, eyes overflowing, I relayed, “You, me, we.........We are enough!”

Raced to the healing clinic, thanking the celestial healers there, checked the 'machinery' on the healing beds and my loved ones occupying them. Whispered in each ear, “You are enough.”

Running to sit behind the desk in the library, eyes wide with excitement, robes swinging behind me. The elevator opened and my dear teacher Abraham exited smiling broadly, He was wearing white robes with gold trim. My words rushed out in revelation, “I AM ENOUGH!”

Instead of waiting for one or two individuals to appear from the elevator, I sang, “Let them come!” Then a stream of people poured out of the elevator. Golden healing light emanated from our hands as they walked forward. Our words, “You are enough,” was repeated over and over. As they were healed, these individuals turned to line the sides, joining in sending healing love to those entering. My heart was bursting with joy! It was like being in the Disney Fantasia movie! Looking at Abraham with wide eyes of awe and wonder, in a whisper said, “I am a warm zephur...” Then saw myself transform into a translucent blue stream winding its way through the crowd.

At that moment the image changed completely. I grew extremely large and turned into a young woman(still like being in a Disney movie), the background was black, I was wearing a simple long white dress. In my hand I cradled our world. It was like a ball of glowing light. I marveled at its beauty in amazement.” Turning to someone in the darkness I begged, “Please don't let me forget this!” Then spent a few minutes going over and over the details of the meditation. When it felt like the experience had been imprinted, I turned back stating emphatically, “On to the next.”

Love to all!


Re: August 7, 2018 We are enough

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:13 am
by Sandy
Ah KIm.... I am speechless... as I read and "secondhandedly" experienced your meditation through your post. It was so uplifting and beautiful. :happy Now I am excitedly looking forward to my next meditation...
Ï think those words , You are enough... I have enough are very powerful." ...very very empowering. May we all see with wonder that indeed we all are enough! :happy :bana: :sunflower: :love
Love you and thank you so much for sharing this moving meditation! :kiss:

Re: August 7, 2018 We are enough

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:38 am
by happyrain
Thank you Kim, that was a beautiful account and a wonderful experience. You placed a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling inside before I go to sleep. :loves
I saw a child dancing on the side of the street during my run today and I thought, "Babaji!"
This may have simply been my mind looking for answers... Yet in that moment I was grateful, the presence of the child and his happy nature sent a message to my core and I feel the joy you got form being a child with the freedom to move in your meditation. =)
May we all move about effortlessly and reside in this peaceful state :)

Re: August 7, 2018 We are enough

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:02 pm
by Seeker13
Good evening all! :sunflower: :hithere

The celestial message Faith Like A Little child said, “The Master came to set humankind free from such superstitious bondage in which they were held. He came to free their minds and liberate their souls for all time. Said he; ‘Have trust and faith like a little child in an unconditionally loving Creator. To enter the Kingdom of heaven within you, you must cultivate your faith and trust and bring forth the fruits of the spirit." That is exactly how it felt to have this meditation. Perhaps when we come to the understanding of, "We are enough," that childlike faith is firmly present in us?

I am so happy to share that meditation with you! My hope was everyone could capture and experience the bliss that enveloped my being as childlike wonder took me on such a joyful meditative journey!

Image if every individual could be satisfied with the feeling we were enough?... No more anxiety, fear, jealousy, anger, feelings of deprivation... What a wonderful existence we could create for ourselves, children and grandchildren.

Eric! I believe your mind found exactly the answer you were looking for! Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone could internalize joy in their core as you did, simply by witnessing it in the innocent happiness of someone else? I must be the luckiest person in the world! Being immersed in the presence of young children, I witness those actions and feelings on a regular basis. Children allowed to freely express themselves in joyful ways are such an inspiration!

Sandy, I knew you would be traveling right along beside me reading this meditation. I too hope your next one is as wonderful!

Thank you my friends. :loves