Track1 into Track2

This is a forum for those who want to share the Akashic Construct, and their experiences of it. The AC is a structured meditation designed specifically to enable contact with celestials, and also humans for the purposes of teaching or healing.
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Track1 into Track2

Post by murlin99 » Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:07 pm

Listening to track 1 I have not had any vision's or feelings as strong as the first one since that first night. Everything is still there and what I keep "feeling" is the same happy rose bush and the same unhappy rose bush but my rose bush seems to be trying to grow up the marble pillar behind it that is the only difference. One thing that I am starting to notice more frequently is the end when the count out starts. I can actually feel almost a tingle in my arms and legs as they start to "wake up" It is an awesome feeling. After I listen to this tape I am generally so calm and relaxed for the rest of the night it is nothing short of awesome compared to the ball of nerves that I was before.

On Thursday night I decided to load both tracks in my player and let track 1 flow into track2. I did the same thing last night. Last night as the deep relaxation started to come on I started noticing little flashes of different colored light, sometimes to the point of wondering if my eyes were actually closed. The colors were pretty much all blues and purples. A few times it seemed that basic shapes would try to form but would fade away before I could focus on them. Once the colors seemed to come in from the sides of my visual range and almost form a butterfly but faded away before they met in the middle. I was very relaxed but could sense my eyes moving to try to follow he colors and shapes that were appearing. It was an odd feeling like being totally aware of what was going on around me but in REM sleep at the same time.

As we started to create our peaceful place in nature, what I felt was not the forrest scene words on the tape but rolling hills that extended out as far as I could see. Many different types and colors of flowers. When I first looked the sun was just rising, with all of the pinks, purples, reds, oranges, the whole palette of morning colors, it was quite a beautiful place. When all was done and I was happy with what it looked like it changed to full sun with blue sky with a few large fluffy clouds and enough of a breeze to blow the flowers just slightly. Again at this point I was just feeling these things, but the feelings were strong and it felt like I was there. The temperature was perfect.

When being brought out of this relaxation/meditation the effect of feeling electrified was greater than the first tape. Its like I became aware of my muscles that I had forgotten about for a few minutes. And again was so relaxed and calm for the rest of the night.

I got up and came out to the living room to spend some time with my wife and our children. It was about 10:20 pm at this time. My oldest son will graduate high school in a couple months so we discussed that. My daughter is planning on going to college to become a nurse so we talked about that for while. The conversations stopped at 11:11pm. I stayed up another 20 minutes or so then went to bed.

And then something interesting happened, I had a dream, I only remember bits of it, but i think it is worth mentioning here. I was standing in front of a building, it looked like a small building on the outside, small and brick, almost like cinder block, with a single door in the middle. I instantly went from a few yards away just looking at the door to being right in front of it. I opened the door and stepped into the building and was in awe. The room I stepped into seemed to be 100 ft. tall, all supported by the arch on the top which I could barely see. There were no supports in the middle just a long hallway with what appeared to be a checkered marble floor. The room looked to be about 30 ft wide. The room, or I guess it was more of a hall was not golden but everything seemed to have a golden glow to it like light radiated from everywhere, but not bright enough to blind you, just a soft glow. And from the floor 100ft up the ceiling on both sides all the way to the end were books, millions of books. There were other beings there generally they seemed to be walking around while reading books. What I could make out of the beings, they did not seem to have a solid form, generally they radiated a soft light, that was sort of golden but sort of silver at the same time. I only remember being here for a few seconds and did not have a chance to even touch one of the millions of lovely books let alone open one and read it. i was actually quite upset when only a few seconds later it was all gone. I want to go back. :)

In Awe,

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Re: Track1 into Track2

Post by Krystalshard » Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:57 pm

Wow... Hi Bryan, welcome. I can appreciate some of the things you describe when letting track one flow on to track two. I had done that for a while, trying to get a fix on my pleasant scene in nature. As you say, the colors would come in and out, mostly violet or purple for me. And the physical sensations of returning to consciousness are refreshing I think. Your dream also is very intriguing to me, as I once had a similar dream. No books, but tall arching architecture, hosts in simple flowing robes, and billowing sheer curtains. I was also impressed with the still calm waters that reached to the steps and surrounded the structure, as I was transported there by a silent low sided boat. hmmm. Thanks for the reminder. Sounds like you are embracing your new connection with openness and true desire to reach in to God and learn your new path. Good job.


“You are born into life for a purpose, and one purpose only; to learn to do the will of God and be of loving and merciful service to one another." Monjoronson

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Re: Track1 into Track2

Post by Sandy » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:50 am

Dear Bryan,
I also find threads of familiarity with both of your dream/visions. I am wondering if we have traveled to the Hall of Akashic records? Well, what do I know about such things...but regardless it was and I am sure still very peaceful there, where ever our 'there' was. I hope we get the opportunity and ability to return to this awesome place.
Once again, Bryan, I thank you for sharing your Akashic constuct adventures with us. I would love to wander through those flower covered hills of your special place... the image you painted in our minds is so beautiful. :sunflower:
“And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always.”
~Governor Andrew Cuomo~

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