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Re: Falling asleep when it comes time to heal.

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:46 am
by Sandy
Hi Rhonda, :hithere
I missed this earlier... :oops: I have to say your special place in nature sounds peaceful and inviting! How nice it would be to dangle my feet in those cool waters. (it is hot and humid here today....but I suppose in Cleveland just the opposite is occurring weather wise...)
How fabulous that you were able to work in a healing... So Wonderful!!! :D :sunflower: :cheers: I know that must be a relief and a real joy to be able to work again in your Akashic Library again. That is some really good news!!! :bana: :bana: :bana:

Re: Falling asleep when it comes time to heal.

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:03 pm
by Rhonda
Hi Sandy, :hithere

It's okay. You have been very busy addressing other really interesting posts. I've read them, fascinated. You have such wonderful words of wisdom. All the staff and George, plus the people who answer and give advice. Extremely valuable.

I did do another healing but this time a women came in with a baby. I didn't know at first it was so tiny. The celestial put the baby in my arms, while he took care of the women's needs. I looked at the baby in wonder, it was absolutely beautiful. It smiled at me while I talked to it. *scrunching eyebrows* can that happen?
Then another time I cleaned. I hope I didn't offend the celestial. Ha Ha :oops:

We've had record rains this year. 60 inches as apposed to our usual 30 inches. Then last night we got our first snow. :shock: Thankfully it didn't stick to the ground. Now we have sunshine but the air is still crisp and cold.

On the home front, things are progressing and the clean up of my old life is on. I have to move by Jan 1st. During the worst time of year. I'm looking for a place right now. But I'm throwing things away and simplifying my life. I may have to get rid of my four beautiful companion cats. Not sure what to do about that. :(

One last thing, the rash has not come back. My hope is that its completely healed, thanks to the healers and the prayers and good vibes from all. Thank you so much.

I am very happy to be apart of this community. Prayers and good vibes to all of you.
Rhonda :loves

PS. I started reading The Urantia Book.

Re: Falling asleep when it comes time to heal.

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:21 pm
by Rhonda
Hello to Everyone, :hithere

It has been three months since the last time I posted in this thread. I cannot tell you all the great and wonderful things that have happened.

First I want to say that my rash has not been back. The healers did an amazing job. :love
Second, I am filled with love, wonder, and hope. All this stems from my continued meditation and having spirit work through me. I cannot tell you all the details, but know that what is happening is meant to be. :sunflower:

It's meant to be because I've made the choice. There is nothing more important in this world than to find your spiritual self. That which you truly are. Take the time to meditate everyday twice a day and see how much your life will change. :bike:

Love abounds, give it to all and it will be returned back to you one hundred fold. Give love because the world needs it, and love your brothers and sisters, but most of all, love yourself.

Take care and I love you all. :roll :bike: :bana: :loves

Rhonda :kiss:

Re: Falling asleep when it comes time to heal.

Posted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:23 am
by Krystalshard
You've got it Rhonda!
Thank you for the encouragement! I will take your advice and will schedule a time for my meditation instead of "just fitting it in". My friends deserve that at least, yes?

Keep up the good work.


Re: Falling asleep when it comes time to heal.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:30 am
by Rhonda
Hi Jean, :hithere

Yes, your friends do deserve that, but so do you. If you are having trouble in yours stillness simply ask for help. You will be guided. If you haven't started reading The Urantia book, now is a good time. Here is the link,

That's enough of my lecture today. :P

Take care and love to all.

Rhonda :loves

Re: Falling asleep when it comes time to heal.

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:46 am
by Bobboo
Wow im so glad i looked at this....i expirience the same thing but not always.....i go into alpha a few times a pray....its like a phone line ...i can totally tell when im connected.....the last ac attempt i made was too nuts to post right away cause it seemed so physical....i asked to see a guide....some energy form appeared off the elevator. Im in my comfy chair...he says let me see your hands and then i felt the touch and i didnt ask to be healed in any way....he says you should see a doctor and mummbled somthing about old bones...says get an xray at which point i didnt know i had an xray in my space but i guess i did.....he had a nurse with him to...i was stunned...i got a name but i was like nothing i ever expected.....i came up fast and laughed...sat on the edge of my bed laughing for a long dog thought i lost it...i think if we persist in a fearless and relaxed way we get better at being available for visits of visability....i was really happy to find your thread here...i think people are effected by our meager efforts in extrodinary ways we are unaware of....if they are around me they are around the people i live with....i feel valuable in light of the fact that superhuman creatures find me usefull and entertaining as well....they love music and art...i love you and our whole on the good ship earth....God bless......bobboo yum


Re: Falling asleep when it comes time to heal.

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:22 am
by Sandy
Hi Bobboo,
I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. :D I think the last time we heard from you you weren't feeling well. But it sure sounds like you are in good hands up there and life is exciting and full of all sort of wonders. We are so blessed, eh? Have an awesome week!
and lots of love,