Trying meditation

This is a forum for those who want to share the Akashic Construct, and their experiences of it. The AC is a structured meditation designed specifically to enable contact with celestials, and also humans for the purposes of teaching or healing.
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Trying meditation

Post by Serena » Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:57 pm

Okay im really sorry if this has been answered somewhere else,but I have looked and cant find it.So I have tried to meditate for 2 days now.At night,in the dark.I relax my body and mind and my muscles twitch,yesterday I got really dizzy with my eyes closed like I was on a roller coaster,drunk.Then I black out I guess.I "wake up" over an hour later in the same position but I dont feel like I was sleeping,my eyes and body dont have that "I just slept" feeling.You know when you feel rested and your eyes get all crusty.I just snapped awake like it had been only a minute.When it happened last night my heart was pounding but I couldn't tell if I was scared or excited and I was EXHAUSTED like mentally.My husband was like " wow,you look really tired" But I dont remember anything at all,its like I passed out.Does this mean its working or not? Can anyone suggest anything?

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Post by blue nova » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:30 am

if you perform an action with strong will receive.

this happened to me too, i would 'seemingly' doze off, but yet...i was kinda conscious....yet asleep.

i am not sure why this happens...there are many possiblities..but i do know...all is well and keep it up sis :D

my sleep improved too.. :wink:

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