Enochian entities

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Enochian entities

Post by atsguy » Fri Jul 19, 2019 5:26 am

I have suspected that the beings John D and Edward Kelly May have communicated with were midwayers, but I after hearing about tymothy wilie and rebel angels I have become very confused lol.

We know that the midwayers were greatly confused for a period of time. But the urantia book also says that angels rebelled to, and I wonder what could they have caused or some during rebellion...

Geoff said the first time he met the midwayers they were armed with weapons. Was there much fighting just as we would fight?
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Re: Enochian entities

Post by Sandy » Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:11 pm

Morning Atsguy,

All I know about the midwayers during the rebellion...Let's see...

Chief Bzutu, said it was only by good luck that he and the other progress Midwayers were not on the rebellious side. They seemed to have chosen right. It may have been because of Primary Midwayer Andrea who is one of the most loving Midwayers I have ever met. They loved their rebellious cousins and siblings though and missed them terribly when they were detained all those years.

George too remembers when they were armed. It may have been as much for protecting this world in the physical from advanced alien races...but I am not sure about that. I haven't spoken with George about this in aeons so I have forgotten a lot. :oops:

How bout I get George to comment, eh? LOL

Have a great week!
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