Mischievous Angels?

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Mischievous Angels?

Post by happyrain » Tue Jul 31, 2018 4:30 am

:hithere Well, I was curious if anyone that has experience with their TA, spirits or angels have encountered sometimes playful/mischievous personalities in their dreams?
Last night I think I met an angel or friendly spirit named Caleb where he then proceeded to mess around with the dream itself. Caleb came to me in the form of a kitten who grew into a dog who took the shape of a girl and an old man sitting across from me at a bar. I don't have all the details of this dream just that, through out Caleb took multiple shapes. I remember identifying the kitten as Caleb and I remember oddly enough watching it grow to a medium-sized dog thinking, for a cat, you're really big and spirited like dog. It was this constant identifying of Caleb's presence through out the dream. Near the end of the dream Caleb took certain characters and changed them out for no reason(to my knowledge). For example, I was in a garage with a friend and the friend changed to someone else in the middle of the scene. He did this with the scenery itself too. The dream went from strange to unpleasant but I think he was really just challenging aspects of my ego. Caleb also came to me as a feminine energy in the beginning. So he/her...? Does it matter for these beings?
I woke up grumpy and was not at all happy for feeling like someone was intentionally messing with my dreams. :lol: I have also decided to try and skip on coffee today(for having taken too many cups in the past) so I was definitely in a jarred state. When I tried meditating I prayed to God and asked Caleb if he could leave me alone, that his mischief was not appreciated and I thought of him as a distraction. Yet the entire time I have to say I never detected malice. In fact, I believe Caleb was testing me... I have been on a spiritual high of sorts and that feeling of bliss was kind of broken yesterday when having a couple negative experiences with customer's. I prayed for the customer's later in the night and I may have asked for a teacher. I didn't realize until later this could be the answers to my prayers. I think Caleb was laughing then and laughing at me now :lol: I felt bad after coming to this realizations for asking him to go away, I think now this was just the tiniest of tiny shake ups to see how solid my peaceful foundation really was/is- there was no danger, just a not so happy happyrian no, I was a grumpyrain through out the morning to afternoon. Sorry Mom :oops:
I guess what I'm getting at is... I wonder if these spirits are playful personalities testing our level of resolve time to time :?:

I have also been... reminded, not to take things so personal. Not to beat ourselves up for falling down, not to expect others to be on the same page as me which means not getting upset if someone unintentionally provokes but really not getting upset when someone intentionally provokes also- to keep my struggles to myself and not expect a reciprocating/understanding energy from just anyone. Expectations seem to bring about suffering.


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