Sleep paralysis and angels

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Sleep paralysis and angels

Post by Casey » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:08 am

So I’m 17 and I’m at a pretty rough patch in my life. I’m doing a lot of things I know I shouldn’t be doing but I’m also recovering from multiple addictions and trying to be present in my life again.
So basically this happened was just a few hours ago I was in my room on this night of December 31. So my foster family was outside having a New Years dinner and I was inside laying bed because I felt kinda sick.. still do cuz it’s the same night. Anyways so I’m laying there thinking maby I should get some sleep and I turn off the lights and lay down to sleep. Meanwhile there is a party going on basically out my back window and I can hear all the Mexican music playing. After a minute of me laying in bed before I know it everything gets real quiet like the party had stopped and I thought nothing of it nor did I even really notice it. Eventually I Realise that I am in sleep paralysis and this isn’t the first time iv had sleep paralysis. So I then remember what I read online about sleep paralysis and how some believe a demon is passing through. So I then start to freak out just using every muscle and every bit of my strength to move and wake up. But I can’t do I start to hear a noice like as if a walke talke is in my room. I hear like a static sound then with my eyes being closed it was as if I could still see so I decided to ltry ole towards my TV where my PlayStation was because I thought maby I left my PlayStation on with the Tv off and maby I was hearing my friends talk online through my headset/mike. By the time I looked down I realized before I went to lay down I made sure everything was turned off so I could play later if I felt better. So I start to straight up freak out. I’m shaking and squirming trying to wake up and I hear the static again only to hear this.. lol please excuse how dumb this might sound but it is basically what I heard. “Cssshh.. Cssshh .. casey.. casey can you hear me?” I hwas are this as if it was on a walke talke laying on my dresser across the room. So I decided to fight myself to wake up again and I managed to get my head to turn to my left and I could see a really bright lighted figure standing there but not casting any light across the room. Just the bright lighted figure so bright that I could make out what it was just the shape of what I would say a woman or a fragile man standing there about a foot away fro my head. After I seen it I immediately woke up and took a second look only to find no one and nothing was there. I was left with my fear and panting while laying there in the dark and I thought this must be god or Jesus or some type of angel reaching out to me

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Re: Sleep paralysis and angels

Post by Sandy » Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:51 am

Hello Casey,

I hope you are feeling better now as it has been a couple days since you wrote this post. My son was also feeling off around that same time. He lives on the other side of the world from me and I haven't heard back yet... so hoping all is well on both fronts.

You had one amazing experience. While I don't envy your bouts of sleep paralysis... I do think seeing the brilliant lighted figure was an amazing blessing. Did it help you to feel a little less fearful at the time? A friend of mine some years ago suffered through some terrifying sleep paralysis episodes. I told him that I thought he was the bravest person in the world! And I do believe he was and still is. He developed a few tricks that helped allow him to retrieve control of his body and bring him out of it. But it seems you had an Angel helping you ... how good is that? !!! Thank you for sharing this unexpected experience with us. It made my night and it served to remind me that we always have unseen help around us. Sometimes we need only ask and at other times.... like you, we can be surprised and thrilled to know that we have comfort and support even when we least expect it.

Welcome to our board, Casey! I very much enjoyed your first post. :hithere
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Re: Sleep paralysis and angels

Post by happyrain » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:44 pm

Hello Casey and welcome. My name’s Eric.
That is wild and I hope you get another opportunity to interact with that being and learn who or what that was. Fear is a great hinderance exploring these realms. From your readings on sleep paralysis did you find anything on the astral plane? I’ve had bouts of sleep paralysis myself and still get scared from time to time- I’ve been trying to explore more, calmly. I’ve learned that the paralysis for me has become an opportunity to have an out of body experience. I’ve had a few successful cases of pushing out and walking around in my room, I’m no where near as bright at it as some other people I’ve found who experience similar. I think your will to change your life for the better is a great way to regain control of the fear, an overactive imagination in the astral can bring about some scary experiences. If you really want to break free you can try this first, instead of trying to slam yourself up or fight it- struggling or feeling panicked, calm yourself down by focusing on your breath. Recognize your situation and move your awareness to your big toe. Tell yourself, I’m going to wiggle my toe now. Exert your will and move your toe, doing so has helped me break free before entering a lucid dream or exploring the astral further. Welcome to the forums. Regaining control of your life is a wonderful feeling and despite any downs you may experience in life- once you start the process is very rewarding and you may begin to enjoy the challenge.
Hope this helps. If you decide to explore this more, share here! We can compare our experiences and see if there are any similarities.

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