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Guidance team and shaping our realities

Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:31 am
by atsguy
I am going to post a few links to the celestial messages section that have peaked my interest immensely. I am sure many of us have been dug down by the circumstances and situations of our lives, I personally have a vision for myself and the life I would like to live...Currently at work this is just a quick post so I can talk about this later



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I Believe The teachings here are immensely important . And we need to have a proper discussion about this how to fully and effectively incorporate the guidance team into our lives.

Does anyone have any experience the guidance team

Re: Guidance team and shaping our realities

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:22 am
by happyrain
hey atsguy!! :hithere
AWESOME archives dude.

Dang it's a lot to read and pretty well placed together for being so distracted at work.

i'm not so familiar but i think i am indirectly linked through prayer. being made conscious of my greater desires, ones that work towards self improvement. i need that most of all if im to be of any use in any other aspects of life. so i have to say, prayer has been one of the best ways for me to connect. i've had mortal helpers here too... got to give props to yall at the forum and sandy for sticking with me and sharing positive affirmation videos and the like.
eventually that inbalance becomes so unsettling that you may feel stirred to make the proper changes. from what im beginning to understand its the little efforts that make the big victories. i think i read recently by runningscroll as well that sincerity is the key. i think sincerity promotes will power, strengthens belief, takes you further- expands your mind, brings you closer, welcomes the guidance team and opens you up to new possibilities. you do things differently because you want to and you believe you're getting that much closer to this idea you have of yourself... no need to second guess it at this point, life has a way of teaching us if we're off track anyway.

did i babble enough? :bana: :bike: its past bed time here
glad to see your post!!!

Re: Guidance team and shaping our realities

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:44 am
by atsguy
Prayer is definitely hands down the most powerful approach. And it is something that will if said daily help us focus our mind fully on our connection to our thought adjuster.

I wanted to share this experience of an individual:

The Morning

On the morning of February 27th, 2008 I woke up and was reading the “Twenty-Four Hours A Day” book in bed. The message for the day was about turning your problems over to God.

I’d heard people talk about “turning their life over to God” all my life – and I hated it. It just seemed lazy to me to think that you would turn all your problems over to some kind of mythical creature that may or may not even exist. It felt like a cop out, like an easy way to not take any responsibility for your actions.

But this book added one thing.

It said not only can you “turn your problems over to God” but you could specifically turn your DRINKING PROBLEM over to God. I had never heard that before and the thought of it stopped me in my tracks.

Here is exactly what I read:

FEB. 27—AA Thought for the Day
When we came into AA, the first thing we did was to admit that we couldn’t do anything about our drinking. We admitted that alcohol had us licked and that we were helpless against it. We never could decide whether or not to take a drink. We always took the drink. And since we couldn’t do anything about it ourselves, we put our whole drink problem into the hands of God. We turned the whole thing over to that Power greater than ourselves. And we have nothing more to do about it, except to trust God to take care of the problem for us. Have I done this honestly and fully?

Meditation for the Day
This is the time for my spirit to touch the spirit of God. I know that the feeling of the spirit-touch is more important than all the sensations of material things. I must seek a silence of spirit-touching with God. Just a moment’s contact and all the fever of life leaves me. Then I am well, whole, calm and able to arise and minister to others. God’s touch is a potent healer. I must feel that touch and sense God’s presence.

Prayer for the Day
I pray that the fever of resentment, worry and fear may melt into nothingness. I pray that health, joy, peace and serenity may take its place.

It didn’t matter if I believed in God or not. I knew I wanted to get rid of the drinking problem and I was willing to do anything to do it. So if there was any chance that I could “turn the whole thing over to a Power greater than myself and HAVE NOTHING MORE TO DO ABOUT IT“… Then belief or not – I was willing to give it a shot.

The Experience

I got out of bed and tried to make it as official as possible.

I stood up in front of the bed, held the book out in front of me and went for it.
I closed my eyes and asked a God that I didn’t believe in to take my drinking problem from me.
I prayed for him to take everything from me.
I said that I was done trying and was completely helpless, broken and powerless over this thing.
Then – I was struck by lightning.

Standing there in front of my bed, eyes closed, I was hit with an immediate wave of heat, colors and light. It came through me like a hot knife through butter. It started at my head and went down through my feet. My entire body started to pulse under its pressure.

It felt good. I’ve taken acid several times in my life and the experience was very similar to an acid trip. Body pulsing, waves of heat, lights and colors and love. Energy became visible. I could see and feel the fabric of the Universe surrounding me in all directions, like an embrace. the rest for more

Re: Guidance team and shaping our realities

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:14 pm
by Lightened717
I'm still getting comfortable with the idea myself. I have been a bit reticent regarding anything remotely metaphysical based on personal experiences but it's something that keeps coming up for me so I guess I need to work through it :roll

I've been trying to follow the prayers that Chris' messages have shared. I've been meditating (almost) daily now for about 5 years, but have not been so disciplined about visualizations, shielding, and the like, although I've incorporated building a shield into my morning meditation recently. I ask for the assistance of my TA and guidance team.

I think if we're trying to gain something from this relationship, it won't bear the fruit we're expecting - again, sincerity is the key. A big message for me is to "let go of control" and quit trying to plan everything lol.

Another few prayers that I started using a few years ago that I think have made a big difference in my life:
My will is that Father's Will Be Done, by all things, through all things, and in all things.
Pray for values - like strength, courage, to be able to discern the truth, for doubts to be converted to belief.
I also gave my TA express permission to work on my behalf. - This one's a doozy! You're essentially giving your TA permission to be a self-acting adjuster.

And now, two years later, my life is COMPLETELY different. I've been trying to let go and Let God. It hasn't been easy, but it has been a blessing (even if it takes me a bit of time to FEEL that truth). I've learned a lot about myself. While a lot of things have fallen away for me, my new path isn't completely clear yet, so I'm still in the mist.

I've been thinking of my relationship with my guidance team using perhaps a rough-around-the-edges metaphor, but it makes sense for me. When I moved to my current home, the first floor has tile everywhere, which one of my dogs HATES. He's got these long legs and a bit of anxiety, so for the first few days he refused to come downstairs away from the carpet - he'd stiffen up, lose his grip, and freak out. To help him adjust, we would put a leash on him and walk him through the first floor to the back door (well, we dragged him the first few times :D ). Eventually he gained enough confidence to walk with a purpose through the house if we led him with the leash. Then, we were able to let the leash go, and he could walk on his own - but the leash was necessary for him to trust he was safe. After a week or so he no longer needed the leash.

A few days later, it occurred to me that my guidance team is probably working in similar ways with me! It's a matter of building trust, learning to discern the truth (having a desire for the Truth vs. wanting whatever it is that you want will save you from disappointment), and building patience and faith. Our guidance teams have an interesting challenge trying to get our attention without scaring us, or getting us obsessed with material benefits of such a powerful relationship. Take care of your spiritual life and your material life will be taken care of for you.

My two cents anyway!

Re: Guidance team and shaping our realities

Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:57 pm
by atsguy
This is an update to my first post. It’s just a collection of similar teachings from the celestial s. Hope everyone enjoys it, I know it’s long!

‪The Only True and Pure Constant in your Life.” - Ophelius‬

This is the awakwnd mind

Greater degree of contact

Insatiable curiosity and imagination

Using compassionate intention

Watch as miracles unfold before you
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Welcome to the family part 1

The system for spirit growth

Expand your awareness with guidance

The way the truth and the life

I have better ways

Re: Guidance team and shaping our realities

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:36 am
by Sandy
Thanks so much atsguy! I am bookmarking all of these important messages and keeping them in the collection as you have shared them. I will make them my New years devotions for 2018 and so they cannot be too long. :) I know I am not the only one reading this who appreciates the work involved in choosing and sharing this timely collection of messages. :sunflower:

with love,

Re: Guidance team and shaping our realities

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:53 pm
by atsguy
Thanks sandy!

There also seems to be a theme going across the new transmitions. Giving permission and asking for the celestials/thoughtadjuster to attune or change our energy circuits?
If you are inclined to participate more in the transformation of your world, connect with your Thought Adjuster and ask for the upgrades that may be available to you, according to your spiritual maturity, and your TA and guidance teams shall assist you in this ‘energetic makeover.’ Your TA wants you to expand your mind, your awareness, and your creativity through greater attunement. ‘Your relationship with the Indwelling Spirit is key to all progress and spiritual maturity. Ask, my dear students, and it is given. Your spiritual progress is dependent on your participation in life and in your relationships with others. To be consciously aware of this participation brings many benefits.

“You are living in a time of change like no other on your world — a time where you can experience real transformation of mind, energy, and ideas far beyond what was available to those living on your planet just a generation ago. Get in touch with these changing energies, my friends, and experience the synergy of unity with Urantia and with all those souls who are participating with you to make a better world.

I would love this

Re: Guidance team and shaping our realities

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:07 am
by Sandy
Hi Atsguy,
I just loved reading this message all over again... :happy It is so inspiring especially on a day when it would have been easy to slip into the past and old I thank you for your post and your thoughts.

I think it is easy to see how much there is to do and shrink back in dismay when in fact...each of us are capable of bringing about the most amazing things just by offering our services, our love and desire to participate in an unimaginable project, something so embracing of all life on this planet.

I always have appreciated the phrase, "ask and you shall receive" and in my own experience have found this to be so.
As we open our hearts to all that is divinely available, anything and everything is possible. And we all can bring it about, this Life and Light in large and small ways!!!! :sunflower:

Let's Love with the eyes of the divine, ask and expect to receive, and then let's see what happens, eh? :bana: