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is it just a dream?

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 1:31 am
by happyrain
last night i had what may have been a strange dream

or maybe an attempt to communicate

i think i still have to much fear and anger for successful communication
the experience was something like this... there was someone talking to another person and the main words i remember are sphere and energy

something like that. it was like he was talking to someone else and i was the one being made example of
i think i interrupted something and the gentlemen said can you hear me?

i said yes i can hear you
but as my body went deeper i became a little frightened by the vulnerability and when the one speaking told me to calm down i remember getting very angry and tried to yell no and force myself to wake up


what are your thoughts, just a dream?
i am excited to think i get another chance to experience more - dream or not
but it seems i am never conscious past a certain point and it has been a while since i've experienced something like this

i have been working a lot lately and my mind is more anchored to this world and my immediate reality

Re: is it just a dream?

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 2:36 am
by Sandy
Hey Eric,
No, I don't think it was just a dream, even though dreams in and of themselves open a door between us and the Celestials and the Divine... So in a funny kind of way, the word we use to describe or categorize these experiences isn't that important. What is important, I think, perhaps, is that you did have conscious communication and that you are remembering as you speak (or write. :) ) That doesn't always happen.

I'll tell you why and it comes from my own experiences... Several times, without a shadow of a doubt, I have been able to listen in on celestial conversations...One time in particular it was exactly as you describe, it was like you were listening to a conversation between two individuals.. The conversation involved a person I did not think I knew but somehow I had a strong feeling I was to remember what I heard (Yep, I am a celestial eavesdropper. :roll: :oops: :) ) So I said what I heard over and over again and wrote it in my journal, that was, thankfully, on my bedside table. It was a short time later that I saw quite by celestial "accident" that the unusual name I heard was in fact the real name of a beloved message board member and the message was for her, for her benefit and I was allowed to hear it (something she had been struggling with but was quite capable of doing) which was what the message was about) so that I could pass it on to her.

Another incident happened only a couple months ago when I definitely had a message conferred to me via a dream. It was so out of the blue, involving people I barely knew but respected dearly from another spiritual ministry. I approached a friend who knew them very well and asked if they were okay and he confirmed something the dream was trying to convey to me. Of course, there is the question as to why...why me and why did they wish me to know these things etc... (nothing really personal is conveyed without the permission of individuals involved or the confirmation of their TAs) but each one of us is quite capable at any moment to be used as the hands and feet of the Divine. And so, in such cases when they arise, pray, ask your questions and the needed action, pray for Love into any uncomfortable situation and lift it to the Divine Light who always knows the best outcome...

and lastly... ( yes, I am almost done jabbering :mrgreen: ) for another experience in this area... this one was a visual encounter .. when meditating I was seeing the usual quick scenes from God only knows where and all at once it was like I "landed" in a room with two men dressed in period uniform (European I think) They looked my way and I could tell they were extremely surprised and shocked by my presence there. One made a move to approach me and flash...I moved on... I believe I might have been astral traveling but as you well know, I have not been able to do that consciously. (few blocks or maybe fears there???) Anyway... sorry about that little "side trip". :lol:

Back to you...I know some of what you have gone through in the last 10 years and I am not surprised that you balk a little at these surprise "things" when they arrive on your sleepy doorstep... but I do think as you relax and feel more comfortable the contact will resume with less fear and anger on your part but only as you are ready and willing to receive it fully.

I do recommend that for anyone who either consciously or often times unconsciously discovers these wonders upon them, to practice consciously grounding yourself and surrounding yourself and your home with the protection of brilliant Divine Light. It doesn't ever hurt to surround yourself with this protection even consciously asking that your angels and guides watch over you while you sleep or meditate. Actually filling yourself with this wondrous light feels really good too and is another tool to help us progress.
i have been working a lot lately and my mind is more anchored to this world and my immediate reality
Happens to me too but we do have to live as well and life itself is a great big celestial chalkboard so no worries... what you really want is possible, when the time is right... and you choose it. Until then enjoy every moment eh... :kiss:
Love to you and that sweet lady of yours!

Re: is it just a dream?

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:41 am
by happyrain
Thank you Sandy for your warm and supportive post. It means a lot :alien: I am blown away by your experiences and grateful you've shared with me. I think I know whom you are referring to as well. Maybe . . . :loves

Re: is it just a dream?

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:31 am
by Sandy
I think I know whom you are referring to
Yes, I think you do to. ;) :)

Re: is it just a dream?

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:24 pm
by happyrain
*As well. must have auto corrected without me realizing.

It's always a pleasure reading your post and directly exchanging thoughts Sandy.

Thanks again for helping me feel a little more sane through out the process.

I'm impressed by your astral travels too :loves

I think I will ask for direction in this... There is something deeper I'd be excited in learning and experiencing more of

Re: is it just a dream?

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:28 pm
by Zachary
I enjoyed reading your post Eric. I must tell you I was lol when I read you started getting angry at the celestials and refusing their nudge to calm down shouting "no!"


This is funny to me only because I understand. It's something I would do.

I believe the dream you had to be very special. I've never witnessed anything of the sort- my dreams have never contained a visual of a celestial personality, (if they ever did - I was unaware of them being celestial) especially not two having a conversation. That really peaks my interest. I wonder if I must grow more in order to experience something of the nature. I'm similar to you in these times Eric when you describe being anchored to this world. I've been very busy, and very focused on the material with little focus leftover for the spiritual. I've been experiencing less and less spirit as I fill my days in with more and more material

That being said helps me conclude the experience you went through was all the more special...
I sincerely hope you get to understand this experience more and more as the days go bye

I really want to experience something like you and Sandy have described.. :finger:

It's nice hearing from you bro :alien:


Re: is it just a dream?

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:02 am
by Sandy
Hello you two!
Eric, I must say I always look forward to hearing from you...and that goes for you too, Zachary!

And Zachary, you have experiences too. I know because you have told me... ;) :) It's real easy to forget them though as time moves forwards and our mind trues to rationalize. Quiet time in stillness... being open to the love from within and without... that is worth its weight in angel feathers, eh?. Feel the Love ...Whaa whoo! :bana: The stuff we are discussing is cool and interesting and has the Wow factor when it happens...but in the end... life and love is the real magick. That's where we grow out little baby souls, and that is what both of you guys are doing as we speak... making a life for yourself and progressing in ways you do not realize. I'd say you both are well on your way to an awesome eternity! ;) :roll :cheers:

Love you guys!
Sandy :geek: