A visit from my father who passed 20 years ago !

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A visit from my father who passed 20 years ago !

Post by tonya » Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:46 am

This is my first time experiencing anything and to be honest I'm a lil freaked out well scared.I'm not sure what it means am i going crazy ?Okay anyway I was just layin on the couch watchin tv it was pretty late 2 or 3 in the morning and out of the corner of my eye kinda saw a shadow and I have kids so I sat up to glace toward the hall thinking one of my boys couldn't sleep and there it was a black figure walking toward the couch across from me at first all I could see was the side profile than he turned toward me and a second figure was standing next to him I immediately knew who they were even thou I could barley see their face, it was my dad who had died when I was 11 and the other was my cousin paul who had passed 5 years ago.I was frozen I couldn't move.The first thing I said was No I'm not going with you , I dont want to die, I have kids my cousin was quick to give a lil chuckle and said nah we're just lookin out for you my dad just smiled and shook his head. Than my cousin asked was my back door locked ? I said yea I think so he said well you might wanna go check so I got up started walkin toward the hall way and there she was my mother inlaw who had also passed I thought I was gonna pass out I was so scared she looked different than the others her face was clear she had a mean/mad look i could see she wore a white blouse but the rest of her was dark n blurry. She asked me Where is Evan? I didn't even have a chance to speak next thing I heard was my son Evan yelling for his brother I started running toward his room and she disappeared right in front of me .Evan was fine just a bad dream but I brought him to the couch with me anyway. Now this was not a dream I didnt sleep at all. I was terrified still am I have no clue what it means I thought it ment im getting ready to die so I barely sleep and than I think what about the back door it was locked by the way . Is that a warning and what about evans grandma askin where he was is that a warning I mean is something gonna happen to him is someone gonna break in our house I just dont know but I am totally freaked out.

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Re: A visit from my father who passed 20 years ago !

Post by Sandy » Mon Jun 09, 2014 5:15 am

Dear Tonya,
I've been reading and re reading your post thinking very carefully about what you have written and have discussed this with George. No, we do not think you are crazy. This was a first time experience for you and you saw not one but three images of people you recognized from your life, all there by their own words to look out for you. Well, from what we understand, our passed on loved ones do have the ability to follow our lives here, even though they are still busy moving on with wonderful projects and lessons in the next realm. Yet they themselves are rarely able to interact with us, at least in this manner. We are suspecting that it was perhaps celestial beings... those with the very best of intentions for you and for your family who have come to you with what could very well be perceived as a bonified warning. We don't think it means you are going to die...but it does seem that it is important for you to take extra precautions for a time. Do as they suggested and keep the doors locked and the windows too and think carefully about the safety of your children, especially Evan, since he was specifically mentioned. Think about the average day and evening and see if there is a time when he may be vulnerable. I think it would be hard not to see this as anything but a warning... So please do consider a few extra safety precautions for a time until you sense that the danger is passed. These beings truly did not want to frighten you, thus taking on the image of humans that you may have loved and cared about to try to ease the shock. There are a fair few loving celestial beings who can do this and only do it when necessary for our highest good. Please pray for guidance and wisdom and discernment surrounding this and know that you rest safely in the care of the Divine Creator and his many angels and beings of Light.
I will keep you and the family in my prayers as will George.
With Love,
P.S. George received a warning many years ago in regards to the safety of his youngest, his son. He took it seriously and changed his actions in regard to the message he received and his son is fine to this day. The danger in this respect passed. So please take heart and do not let this freeze your heart in a state of fear... Be encouraged that you did indeed get a message of warning thus real opportunity to make the needed changes. ((((((((Big Hugs))))))))
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Re: A visit from my father who passed 20 years ago !

Post by lilly » Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:57 am

Hi Tonya

How wonderful is that....three visitors all at the same time!! It would be a little scary if you're not accustomed to it. It sounds as if they did come to just warn you about locking the door and also being extra watchful over your young son. :happy Thank you for sharing your experience!!

Love Lilly :hithere
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Re: A visit from my father who passed 20 years ago !

Post by 11light11 » Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:14 pm

Tonya! Simply incredible! I am so glad you thought to share this with us! :kiss: Lots of love to you!!! :loves


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