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Hi Sandy

Post by Andy » Thu May 08, 2014 3:16 pm

Its been a while since I've been able to sign on here.
My life has been a tad busy and I am sorry for my absence.
But, life still continues to be interesting.
My saga with Rene continues and brightens all the time. While not there yet, we seem to be being pulled toward each other.
This past weekend the thought of an old friend kept entering my head. She is an elderly woman confined to a wheelchair and living in a convalescent home. On Thursdays Rene and I would go to her and scoop her up and take her to her favorite casino for a few hours. We would have lunch and play the machines until she was ready to leave. This continued until a shoulder injury made it impossible for me to lift her out of her wheelchair and into the car. The shoulder is better now, but the situation is gone with Rene and my parting.
But, for some reason, she kept coming into my head. I sent a text message to Rene asking if she knew if the woman was alright. Her response was to send me the woman's contact information and I should call her myself as Rene was busy dealing with issues with her mother and very ill step father.
Upon hearing that, I had to know what was going on as I am still very close to her mother. Well, it turns out that her step father had taken a turn for the worse. Together, via text messages only, Rene and I got everything her mother needed and then some. I was in contact with my daughter, a nurse, who kept me informed medically and passed that knowledge on to Rene who then handled her mother. All went very well.
In a conversation with her sister the next day, Rene went on and on about what a big help I was and the sister said Rene was talking as if I was still an active part of her life. When asked by the sister if Rene missed me, the answer was "yes". That was a nice little warm fuzzy moment for me.
That being said, I was able to get hold of our friend to see how she was. She is fine and was very happy to talk to me again. But she mentioned she had not talked to Rene for a few weeks and could I light a fire under her to have her call.
I paused for a second and slowly asked her if she was aware Rene and I parted ways two months ago. She was not aware. Rene had not said anything to her about it.
My thoughts are many fold for that day. 1) I was "told" to inquire about the friend as a way of opening communication with Rene and be able to help her through the days crisis. 2) It also opened a door of knowledge in what was said to her sister as well as what had not yet been said to our friend. Giving me insight as to how Rene may be thinking.
The next day, I felt good about life knowing that I was missed and that Rene was happy for my help. So, I asked Ruth if it would be good to perhaps start a line of communication with Rene. I loved the chance meeting of 10 days ago but a real line of communication would be great. Until the chance meeting, all communications had been over text messages. Within 10 minutes, my phone rang and it was Rene calling. Her call was to inform me that there was mail for me at the house. Really? Mail? Just the day before we handled a huge medical crisis for an entire afternoon via text messages and now, a phone call was require to tell me about a few pieces of mail. Thanks Ruth.
There began a line of spoken communication. After catching up a bit, she told me she would leave the mail in the box for me and I could just pick it up.
After picking it up and leaving, I texted her to let her know. The phone rang instantly. We talked for a bit but I had to go to an appointment. Albeit two phone calls only, after months of no phone calls at all, I am taking it as an opening to a line of communication. My prayers to Ruth were answered.
Sad news to follow: As I remain very close to Rene's family, I know of goings on nearly as fast as she does. Her bother called me early in the day and told me of the step father and how his blood pressure was now at 74/40. His death was only a short time away. Knowing that her mother was at an appointment, I texted Rene the information and let her know that her step father would not make it through the night. Luckily, the brother had called her first.
Later, I spoke with her mother and her mother said the nurses said he only had about 48 hours left. I was able to tell her what my daughter told me only minutes before, in that he didn't have that much time and in fact, his death was happening now and she needed to get off the phone and be with him.
The call came a half hour later that he had passed.
I "knew" something was up. I had been seeing the numbers 999 for at least an hour before. 999 was everywhere! I can't tell you how often I saw it. After seeing 999 for the third time, I stopped counting as it continued to appear. It was on license plates, signs, bumper stickers everywhere. For at least an hour before the call of his passing came through. After the call, I never saw 999 again for the rest of the day.
I have said before that messages in numbers confuse me. But, for some reason, I knew this was a message. I have no idea yet what it meant but it was very hard to ignore. The number 1750 has been important to me also. While it is the house address Rene and I shared, the number shows up in the oddest places. While seeing 999, 1750 also appeared. It may be wishful thinking of a connection. But, like I said, I don't understand messages sent in the form of numbers.
It's been a busy few days here.
I'll stop here and let you digest all of this.
Looking forward to your thoughts

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Re: Hi Sandy

Post by Sandy » Fri May 09, 2014 6:34 am

Hi Andy,
I am so sorry to hear of Renee’s step father’s passing. It must be a difficult time for her, the family and for you as he was a big part of your life for 12 years. I say a little prayer for the comfort and peace of all those who loved him.

It does, indeed, seem like you have had a very full plate since we last spoke, not the least of which with some lovely and much needed actual talks between you and your beloved. God works in mysterious ways and uses us often to benefit those around us...but as I see it, two things have been neatly and beautifully accomplished with one of your recent talks. Renee’s mother benefited by your knowledge or perhaps rather the medical knowledge of your sister that you passed on and you and your loving heart too felt better by hearing her voice and being able to contribute positively in her life again. When someone we love is ill it hurts and you helped Renee and are helping the family through this difficult time with your presence.

Numbers can often be personal for us... So I do not know if this will help or mean anything to you... I sometimes refer back to an Angel author’s work when exploring numbers.
This is what Doreen Virtue says about 999
999 — Completion. This is the end of a big phase in your personal or global life. Also, it is a message to lightworkers involved in Earth healing and means, "Get to work because Mother Earth needs you right now."

It seems definitely the end of a phase with Renee’s step father, the end of his mortal phase of eternal life and the beginning of a wonderful new one... I believe this with all my heart and it lifts me immeasurably when a loved one passes to know that they do still exist in another realm, one that I too will share with them and a gazillion others on our trek into eternity...

Now how it relates to you...??? Truly not sure... Ruth might be more help in this area. Can you get quiet within and intuit her guidance as well as that of your God within?

Now the 1750... hmmm I’m wondering... Sometimes the Midwayer use familiar numbers to get our attention...once again if this is the case ask yourself why? I’m not sure that I can definitively answer that one either...So much can come to us, though, by getting quiet and meditating... Welles just posted a good little article today in misc. http://board.1111angels.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23398 speaking of discovering who we really are through this quiet time. A good encouraging and thought provoking easy read for all of. :)

Anyway, I doubt Ruth will wake you up for this one my friend. LOL I am happy you have been able to speak with Renee but my heart goes out to all of you as you say goodbye to her father.
Please come back when you can to say hello and let us know how you are doing, Andy. We hope for the best for you in all ways.
Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

~ Chief Seattle ~

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Re: Hi Sandy

Post by Andy » Fri May 09, 2014 7:10 am

Hi Sandy,
Thank you for the input. I am like you, I really have no idea about the 999. I looked up Doreen Virtue's site as well and found the same answer.
Like you, I associated the numbers to the step fathers passing.
The 1750 has always been a significant attachment to Rene. I only saw it once that day so I am now taking it as just a possible reminder.
Odd things have happened in the past few days in that the contact from Rene has increased quite a bit. In fact she invited me over today and we spent 6 hours together. I did help her write the obituary for her step father as well as clean up a little for her out of town guests. I do still have belongings with her and she asked that I take them off the dining room table. That collection was minor compared to the stuff I have there. I am thinking it was an excuse to have me over.
We had a wonderful day, for the most part. There was laughter and exchanges of words of love and how we missed each other.
There were other things discussed that I would be better to talk to a relationship counselor about.
I did find that she has been seeing someone new. That was a tad bothersome. But, I have faith. That's the part I need to take to a relationship counselor.
But, she did admit to seeing the signs I saw. She was moved by them as well. Why then would she have me over if she was happy with the new guy?
In looking at 999 prior to hearing about the new guy, one of the explanations was that certain aspects of my life are coming to a close and that it is happening for karmic reasons which will become evident in the very near future. I have no idea what "Karmic" means.
But, I remain positive in what I have been shown by Ruth.

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