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Soul Purpose

Post by ana1217 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:17 pm

So we all know that these time prompts from our guardians have special meanings for us, but deciphering that meaning can leave some people (like me) feeling a bit overwhelmed. What prompted me to write today, is the email I received February 6 titled “Make it a Personal Challenge to Fine Tune your Awareness." What grabbed my attention and got my mental motors turning was this:

"The TA is always working to prepare you for the next phase of your ascendant career."

What is this "ascendant career"? From what I've gathered along my path, it seems like people who receive these prompts have been "selected" for something of great importance. At the moment, I'm struggling with what that is exactly, and I'm hoping you all can provide some insight on our roles here on earth and how they relate to the "universal plan."

What exactly is it that we have been selected for? Is there a plan that we are all being mobilized for? Are we preparing for the after life, or life in another world? Are we supposed to be doing work here on our home planet?

Hopefully those of you with more knowledge on the topic will have more of an understanding as the all the parts and how they relate to the whole.

Many thanks!

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Re: Soul Purpose

Post by overmind » Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:05 am

Welcome ana1217, :hithere

The ascension career basically entails our spiritual progress from one world to another. It can be as long as one's path to Adjuster fusion, the journey to true spirit-status, the process of reaching Paradise or the receiving of finaliter status. In its shorter form, it is the progress you make on this planet which enables you to become closer to God.
it seems like people who receive these prompts have been "selected" for something of great importance
It depends on your point of view. The prompts are given to such a huge group of people, receiving them doesn't necessarily make you too different from anyone else. Noticing them puts you in a much smaller group, but this does not necessarily mean you are to take on a task of importance that is not suited for others. Prompts act as general wake up calls for individuals who want to find something more in life - something that lies just outside the mental confines of society. However, the spiritual progress one could attain after receiving a prompt is a big deal. You become more consciously involved with your own ascension career, even if it is not entirely understood. The potentials for this are huge, and when comparing yourself to the billions of others who are more greatly shaped by their society, environment, upbringing and physical nature, you can look at yourself as being in an advanced group or class. That doesn't necessarily mean you are better or loved more. It likely means you better used the facilities you were born with, which in turn altered what you were and are now able to experience. To summarize, you made some good choices somewhere down the line. This means that you probably won't look back on your life and regret how your time was used, at least not to the degree of the majority of people. Just don't let it get to your head.

No one is supposed to do anything in particular. I mean this in that no one is coerced into doing something and no one is born in order to perform some physical act. How you can become useful to your community or the planet may become clear in the future, but what is necessary right now is to possess the desire to serve. This can be expressed simply through the enjoyment of service. It can be done through your profession or through acts of kindness towards total strangers. Once again, the point of the prompts is usually just to get people pointed in the right direction. How they want to move in that direction is up to them. Such movement may eventually create miraculous results, but this has more to do with the actions of the individual than the prompts themselves.

Did this answer all of your questions?

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Re: Soul Purpose

Post by Sandy » Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:45 am

Hello ana1217,
Overmind (Arthur) answered your questions so beautifully that I have little to add.
I remember, in the beginning I had much the same thoughts you expressed here and I began to notice an ever growing desire to serve in some way swelling within. I hadn't a clue what that meant at the time and still don't know what is around the next spiritual bend but it does become clearer, I think, as time moves on. It took a while for me to see that my prayers to serve were answered...and too that, in fact, I was serving in ways I did not think important as I uttered those words at the time. We don't often notice the little ways we can and do brighten someone's day but these small things are every bit as important as those "grand" offerings we notice and admire from others. Our love and kindness shared, ripples outwards and as it does it changes the spiritual unseen climate of our world...and this kindness often returns to us in some way...strengthening us and blessing us, creating a growing atmosphere of well being and a sense of purpose.

Our paths as ascendant beings begins right here and the lessons learned on this little planet of ours will become some of the most valuable on our eternal road. I have no doubt with your sincere desire to serve the divine and your fellow human will soon discover that which you desire.

This transmit I found to be very helpful and reminded me of the great wellspring of wisdom within that can help all of us negotiate every turn of this mortal path.
Alabama, US of A, April 19, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Search And You Will Find.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The idea that it is impossible to make contact with the presence of God inhabiting each one of you, is widespread among you. One technique is to formulate a question in your mind for the Father and then search for an answer. You can search in books, on the radio, on television, or the internet, and you will always receive an answer. Better still, you can try writing the answer yourself.

“This works, because your Thought Adjuster is continuously looking for a way to more successfully influence your mind and communicate with you in a more effective manner. The ideas regarding what you want to know are immediately placed in your mind, even before the question is verbally expressed, because your Thought Adjuster knows the desires of your mind and your heart.

“To bring these ideas from the spirit mind to the conscious mind you only need a reminder – a clue – to open the gates of understanding. The catalyst may be a phrase you read, a song you hear, images on television, a memory from your childhood, and more. The possibilities are endless.

“However, only those who ask questions will receive answers. As the Master said, ‘Search and you will find’. Forget the idea that talking with the Father is impossible. In reality, it is the simplest thing in the world. Even when the communication doesn’t happen with words, you will always receive what you need and the real desires of your soul will always receive answers and guidance to achieve the goal of human life – to become increasingly like the Father.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

Now if only I would remember to ask those questions and do the follow up! ;) :lol:
Welcome Ana!
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