The Multi Headed Snake Being.

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Re: The Multi Headed Snake Being.

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Further to the discussion on 11:11 and mental illness, please consider that the spiral staircase can be travelled in both directions. I think that a prime function of the 11:11 time prompts is to call us to higher living. It is up to us to heed this call. If the call goes unanswered, and negative behaviours and attitudes are not corrected, then our mental health can take a turn for the worse. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many people are experiencing 11:11 with symptoms of mental illness, but it doesn’t necessarily link the phenomenon with mental illness. If one takes the time to develop their spirituality in the light of sound science and philosophy, their mental health should naturally improve. This tends to be a big struggle for most of us, and sadly not everyone wins that battle. But I have faith that we will all get there eventually if its what we truly desire.
"If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation." – Osho
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Re: The Multi Headed Snake Being.

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Thanks for the input starwalker,and trust me I really wanted to be as you said.i can't speak for others,but I prefer raw truth.
Check this vid.
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Re: The Multi Headed Snake Being.

Post by Sandy »

The Creator of all is beyond anything any human can contemplate, although some humans, as your video suggested, have more grasp then many of us...What a lovely teacher. Thank you for sharing it.

Still, I like to think of beliefs as a beginning... and if we do not allow them to stagnate in human rules and theology they can be a rudimental tool for drawing closer to the I Am.

Truth about God/ creation is far bigger then anything we can ever reach conclusion with a human mind. Yet what we reach out and grasp of this Truth is very, very individual. We make it so because none of us can contain universe reality about God, the fabric of all that is, in the flesh just yet. It would do all people and injustice to think that one person or one group as the right of it. God connects with each one of us in a very personal way and that is the only place we can find the confirmation that allows our heart to soar with the bliss of connection with the God responsible for the fabric of the universe. That does not mean that we now know God...all the ins and outs...all the ways He or She reaches others....
So it is probably safe to say that we are all seekers and with that we are not here to tell people what they must believe about God...just help open the door a crack if it seems too cumbersome for others and hope they too put a foot in the door for a time when it may seem to hard ourselves to open... The journey to God is best lead by God from the inside out...the outer stuff we love to discuss is purely human as how can you put words to this... this God Energy that fills every cell in our body with light and a Love that...yes..."passes all understanding".... We wish to share it...but we can't, not really, because in the telling it looses that... solidity for others.

True it isn't the beliefs we discover and embrace along the human way that will nurture our need for God...but they are a beginning and can be used as a springboard to the loftier perches our soul longs to find on our own journey to the Creator.
So it is with 1111 time prompts...they are simply a beginning. If you never go any stagnate...plain and simple. You most likely wont discover what it is your soul craves. Because one finds God from the inside...Not from other peoples experience, as exciting as it can feel for a time...But much like an old time revival, when the excitement wears off life can look the same unless you keep walking keep searching for the path to God that The Creator Herself sets out before you...and yes, sometimes He or She uses beliefs to get us there. LOL It is sort of a catch 22.

So how about this...we all keep doing our own inner work without expecting others to follow our experience.... to believe like we do. How about at the same time we also do not shake up the belief's that perhaps others also use to help them get through their day. This is not our job. The Creator, in all His or Her eternal wisdom, has each of us in tow and will manage this feat far better then we can even begin to imagine.
Seek and let others seek, as well, in love and joy as this Love is what unites us all.

“We measure and evaluate your Spiritual Progress on the Wall of Eternity." – Guardian of Destiny, Alverana.
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