Process of Effective Prayer

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Process of Effective Prayer

Post by atsguy » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:28 am

This is going to be long, but it’s part of a radio show I listen to about the urantia book, and the architectural sphere near Saturn.

Start at 45min 10 seconds ... -07-19.mp3

Other archives can be found here, it’s called project urantia:

If you don’t want to listen, I have transcribed the discussion here. Z is the shows host, and Sharoon is the celestial personality ( destiny guardian) speaking.
Artist first ( prayer and success)

Worship ---prayer worship god the infinite, pray to Jesus and the mother spirit.

Z: I thought they really clarified to me in the urantia book,

And if I have this correct, prayer involves some type of request or benefit or influence from the individual. And that prayers should go to Jesus and the creator of the universe where as worship involves no benefit or request of the individual and is purely a method of agnologing and worshiping...that worship is the recognition of the creator but prayer are, I don't want to say selfish that's not the right word I getting the distinction correct.

Sharon: one of the things that makes heaven mute to many people is that when they ask in prayer they do not understand the pre-requisite that are necessary in aligning prayer for successful, both the petition acceptance as well as the delivery of the answer. Worship is fundamental preyer to prayer, worship aknolowdges first of all the first source and centers reality, it cannot be accomplished without that. It would be no more than a bodily gesture, bowing offering incense, something like that. That is not worship.

Worship acknowledges the creator and the absolute awe and wonder and splendor and the beyond measure capacity that is held by the offer of worship to actually understand. This is true worship, when that is done then the many many things that can hinder prayer will be dispensed of. Opening the gateway for the line of truth to the fabric that is allowed in the reflectivity between adjuster and the spirit circuit. When that is allowed for, and is moved into, it is like you know have access to a type of network that is not only received by the son himself but because you have a grand path the nature of the son himself in your request. It is received and it is literally assigned to and sometimes to guardians for the personality, sometimes to a more general guardian to fulfill some of these requests.

Sometimes personalities involved once assigned will literally be able to interface and clarify the situations and the need for such a request. And synthesis it down to a point of the basic need to be fulfilled. Say for physical healing, a person may be quite sick, you only can say please god heal him. But having established a worship you have instantaneously through that allowed oneself to be a part of the reflectivity circuit and upon that your request can be read to those that have been preassigned to the actual request to be engaged and so doing instantaneously there are things that can happen that can allow for healing. Such as the actual departure of another angelic order who can and does work physical healing into troubled physical structures. Wether it be by disease or for the need of rapid repaire.this is an example of the required worship pryer to prayer many have come forth discouraged, because the first thing they do is pray. But they ignore worship.

Z man: I would imagine as human beings every person That gets sick prays to be healed. Yet only a small fraction seem to receive a Divine healing

Sharon: true

Z man: and maybe I'm not supposing what the motives are there for the creator but well it's like, and this is a ridiculous example and we only have 2 min left. A baseball game among 2 little elementary schools, they both pray to win the game and only one team wins. So the prayers are not answers and half the people feel let down. My stupid meaning of this is god couldn't care less who wins a baseball game because he's not interested in stuff like that, it's not important in the grand scheme of things, do I have wrong thinking there?

Sharon: the actual outcome of a sports game has many times been nerely miraculously been won by a very impossibly possible feat, but won wonders what was behind such a impossible feat. Do you think there could possibly be a little bit of an adjustment. Yes it is inside of the person amazingly living the actually structure between the thought adjusted, the divine god himself interacting st the point of purpose can actually change the outcome or make the outcome that is impossible look like miraculous. In other words the hand of god reached through the soul of the man into his mind, took control of his body. And made the minute adjustments necessary to make something like a long shot happen.

Z man: so the team that looses that watches that long shot...

Sharon: Should not think that god is not with them but simply that god exists.
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Re: Process of Effective Prayer

Post by Sandy » Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:30 am

Thank you for sharing this atsguy.
I had to smile at the one part as I have been known to pray like crazy for the Cleveland Browns or Indians to win a game. :oops: :roll: :)
Have a great week end!
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