Emergency healing prayer request

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Emergency healing prayer request

Post by crluvearth » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:38 pm

Prayers for healing are urgently needed for a dear friend. Her diagnosis of cancer was recent and complications have progressed her condition to critical. Jayna is a bright light on this planet who needs a miracle.

Jayna Warm Nest Gieber
Age: around 64
Vancouver, WA

In addition to cancer which is in both her liver and pancreas, Jayna has an abnormality in her biliary tree. Last week her bile ducts became obstructed and she became jaundiced. Normally, doctors can perform a procedure to remove the obstruction. But, due to the abnormality in her biliary tree, they were not able to remove the obstruction. This caused her liver to fail, which is why she deteriorated so fast. Had it only been the cancer, she would have had more time.

Thank you dear healers and the 11:11 community.


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Re: Emergency healing prayer request

Post by Sandy » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:57 pm

Dear Cindy,
I am sorry that I did not see this until today. I am sending this to George immediately who will pass it on to the healing list.
I will pray for your friend, Jayna, for a miracle for one so deserving. We need her bright light.

Bless you for all that you do to lighten our world.
“And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always.”
~Governor Andrew Cuomo~

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