Prayers for Nick

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Prayers for Nick

Post by Swedishblue » Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:25 pm

:hithere This is where I come when I'm struggling with a problem, and needing a prayer. My youngest sister, Nick, is going through a nasty divorce...she's very hurt, deeply saddened and anxious. Think "War of the Roses", and you've got the picture! She has a seven year old son who's overwhelmed with sadness. I am giving her and him as much guidance and support, but I'm finding her behaviour infuriating, frustrating and damaging. She's an alcoholic (no exaggeration) and is 'off the rails' :evil: :grrr I could rant forever at how upset it makes me feel. However, It would be best to humbly ask for prayers; for sanity (all round), strong mental health and for her son to feel security!! Thank you for reading/listening! :baby

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Re: Prayers for Nick

Post by Sandy » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:17 am

You have no idea how many times I have thought of you these past weeks... and just last week with something I wanted to share with you...
I knew you would understand having gone through such a sadness yourself last year...((((HUGS))))

I will certainly pray for your sister, Nick, and the family. It's tough isn't it? I hope and pray that the two adults in the situation will put their differences aside or rather deal with them in as practical and compassionate way, keeping in mind that their actions have a severe consequence as it manifests in their young son. Bless him... As hard as these things are with the adults involved, it is especially hard on children who see their world spinning out of control and there is nothing they can do to stop the chain of events.

Please take good care of yourself, "A"...I hope you are well and hope to catch up with you very soon. :love
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